Times are changing..?

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Times are changing..?

Beitragvon felix23 » 04.06.2013, 18:29

Dear Guys,
Do somebody have any idea where I can find some recent statistics of the Kite surf world? The size of the market, the amount of kite surfers, is it a growing market or a declining market?
I can use every own experience or advice!!

I would like to know your experience and advice, because I working on this moment for a small unknown Kiteboard brand and doing market research for them. (This research is for me also the final stage of my study ‘Commercial Economics’). I need some information about the Kitesurf market on this time and the changing of the market, but there is relatively litte information available because the small size of the market. Somebody any advice were to find more…?

I've got the idea to implemented a new sales concept for this company and would like to finger out what the success rate are of this concept.

So I will also ask you as a kite surfer to do me a fever and answer the questions in my questionnaire below. It will only take 5 minutes! You really help me a lot with it.... ;)

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Thanks in advance…

Cheers Felix
Stehrevier Kiter

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Beitragvon BastiD » 09.08.2013, 08:41

Hi Felix,

the kite surfing market is definitely a growing market. More and nore people discover the fun in this exciting water sport. There are only little informations and statistics in the web. I think the most information you can get, would be from the producers of kites and boards. Thair selling tables may show you, that the Sales will grow up since the last few years. The types of kites and boards, which are offered every year and the growing announce of new kite spots all over Europe tell me, that there is a great increase.


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